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Glastonbury to York

The Pilgrimage continues

rain 15 °C

Dear All

Left Parsnips fairly early (rather regretfully I might say) and hit the road to Nottingham. The owner of the B&B, Linda, was so welcoming and went to all lengths to make sure we had a fantastic stay and she achieved that and more. I must say, the same could be said for our stay in Mevagissey. Howie and Andy really did all they could and more to make sure we were well cared for.

Went to Woburn Abbey today to see how the relatives are living. Absolutely awesome! There was a painting of the previous Duke of Bedford that I could swear I was looking at Dad with a slightly fatter face. There was also a drawing of a previous Duke and it was very much like me! The house was loaded with priceless works of art, dinner sets and all sorts of furniture etc it was mind boggling.

From there we made our way to Nottingham to our next B&B, P&J Hotel. We met our next host Adeline and shown to our rooms. Clearly mountain goats need to tote our luggage around because the 2 storeys to get up to the rooms with all of the luggage was indeed a challenge yet again! The shower also became a bit of a challenge. Mainly to get wet and also get into. I'm not really huge, although with all I've had to eat I'm getting there, but I hardly fitted inside the shower. Poor Ron experienced even more difficulties! Adeline was just delightful but, I don't think we will be making it back to P&J. Shame really.

Today we are in York. We made it there by about 2pm and shown into our rooms at Gillygate House. Only one storey of stairs this time but the room is huge and comfortable. The rest of the gang have gone down the road for a look look. I have taken some time out as still recovering from a cold (oh alright, Manflu!) and didn't sleep a lot last night. So have stayed behind to have a little rest.

The weather has been a bit miserable and it's cold here in York. I guess it is that time of year, so no surprises I really.

Will load some more piccies on when I can wrestle the camera off Ron

Take care all

Bryan and Ron

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Wells & Bath

Tavel all over the countryside........Ask the Russell claaaaaaan!

rain 16 °C

So today was off to Wells Cathedral which apparently has some connection with King Arthur & Gwynavere! Rather huge and as beautiful as Westminster Abbey. Just a little plainer on the inside and not as many famous people buried there.

Then into the van and off to Bath ( the town ) . I had absolutely no idea how huge the area was in connection to the Roman Baths. Fascinating place and so much to see. Thank goodness all of that had been saved and not ripped apart. Not like in Aus!

Funnily enough we went shopping at Clarksville! Huge place with factory outlets like Clarks, Wedgewood, Villeroy & Boch and heaps more. Trying to save myself for Rome though but did manage to buy a couple of shirts.

Can't wait for Rome and the shoes!

Off to Nottingham via Woburn Abbey today, so a big day on the road. Give my feet a bit of a rest!

Will talk soon

Bryan and Ron

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Cornwall and Glastonbury

How to see UK in a couple of days!

rain 18 °C

Dear all

Have been flat chat and therefore been just a tad slack at updating the blog.

Left London for Gatwick Airport and picked up the car. Noice! It's VW Sharan and for a 2 litre, picks its skirts up and bolts when you floor it. Moves along pretty well for a diesel. Getting the baggage in was a bit of a trick but managed reasonably well. Then off to Mevagissey!

Got close to Mevagissey and hit the first stumbling block about finding your way around Cornwalls streets. The main road we were travelling on was blocked off. So off one way, closely followed by some moron in a Volvo station wagon. The way we went quickly deteriorated into a narrow lane which was extremely bendy with no way of turning around. So, wait patiently for the Volvo moron to finally realise I was stuck and needed to back out. Thank goodness for past experiences of backing vehicles underground! Managed to get the van out, turn around and try a different tack. Closely followed by, you guessed it, the Volvo driver. Couldn't even begin to think about which way might be the better way as I couldn't even see the headlights of the Volvo following which really gave me the heeby Jeebies. Anyhooooo, all turned out OK in the end and managed to find the right way.

Got into Mevagissey and found where we were staying. Of course needed to be a mountain goat to get into the place but very pretty indeed. Had a bit of a look look, then off to Roovrays for dinner. I'm here to tell you that was one of the best meals I have ever had in my life. T Bone in Bernaise and it was tender, cooked and just devine.

The next day, off to Redruth, Truro, Penzance and Mousehole (pronounced Mouzzol, I don't get it either). Truly picturesque and what you would think of as a typical english fishing village. Had my first Cornish pasty. Must say, Mum still cooks the best pasty you could ever wish for! Not that I told the people at the time. I do have some diplomacy, funny as that might seem!

Margy has managed to kill her phone camera on a number of occasions (as in running it flat). Wherever you go, there is a constant whir, click and flash! I'm going to start calling Margy "Click". Truly only joking.

The B&B we were staying at was truly wonderful. Whenever you are in Cornwall and want to stay at a nice quaint B&B, Little Pisky Cottage will hit the spot. Thanks to Howie and Andy for making our stay truly wonderful and welcoming.

Then off to Glastonbury. Made it by about 14:00 and welcomed by Linda with a very welcome cup of Tea. Parsnips B&B is equally wonderful and right in the town site of Glastonbury.

Walked up to the Tor. What a trek. Need to be a mountain goat or at least one of the sheep grazing on the slopes. Had to make a stop once or 5 times. Determined to make it there though, particularly after seeing some little old lady with a walking stick finding her way back down. So it became a "if she can do it, so can I" thing.

Had dinner at a Pub. Best chicken curry ever!

I'm really going to have to go on an extreme weight loss program when I get back.

We're all doing OK apart from some cases of sore throats and runny noses. For people who don't know each other incredibly well, we're all managing to get along well with each other.

Be in touch again soon

Bryan and Ron

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Final day of Shopping in London

Still haven't frizzed the Card yet - but working on it!

rain 20 °C

Dear All

Last day for getting around and picking up the last little bits of shopping.

London is awesome and we've had a ball.

We split up yesterday. Margy and Sandy went to Madame Tussauds, Kensington Palace and some shopping.

Ron and I went to Tower Bridge and HMS Belfast , then shopping. All had a great time.

Margy has nearly worn out her phone camera. The poor thing has had a real work out.

Tomorrow we head down to Gatwick and pick up a rental car, then off to Cornwall for our first B&B stay at Mevagissey. Looking forward to seeing the English countryside.

More piccies to come shortly.


Bryan and Ron

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Day 4-5 in London

Some much to see, so little time

overcast 17 °C

G'day all

London is so wonderful to visit. So much to see and the shopping is superb!

We went to Buckingham Palace yesterday along with most of London's population to see the changing of the guard. With the little I could see, the pomp and ceremony was wonderful and the coppers working as crowd control were extremely amusing with the way they dealt with the crowds. I do wish I was at least a foot taller though. With my bum so close to the ground, I find it difficult to see things in a crowd! Anyway, some is better than nothing.

From there it was off to St Pauls Cathedral. I did expect to be dodging lightning bolts but clearly managed to avoid them at this point. Although do bear in mind we have a tour of the Vatican booked whilst in Rome so "up there" might still have a chance!

Did a little bit of shopping in Regents Street in the morning before the Buckingham Palace visit. Clothing is fantastic here.

I believe we have a change of Government. Ron and I are trying to work out where we should emigrate to. It would seem that with the Mad Monk in charge, we will probably be met at the border with guards and sub machine guns, placed on to a rickety boat and pointed in the direction of Indonesia with "on your bike sunshine". Oh well. have to wait and see.

Anyway. Off to Tower Bridge today and possibly a visit to HMS Belfast.

Catch you all soon


Bryan and Ron

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