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Day 2 - 3

How to kill feet but still admire the views

rain 17 °C

G'day all

Have had a busy time, hence being a little slack about updating the blog!

Thursday Ron was not feeling the best so stayed at home, which was possibly not the wisest decision as we found Harrods!

However, we haven't burnt the cards to a cinder just yet. We had issues with the SIM cards, thanks Vodafone, but had that sorted our relatively early so back onto the Underground down to Westminster for the River Cruise.

Sat back on the cruise and was entertained with both the view and amateur comedian River Ferry Captain with his take on the sights and scenes along the Thames from Westminster to Tower Bridge. I know I've seen it before but still cannot help but admire how the English have managed to keep all their heritage whilst the good old Aussies knock it down or burn it because suddenly it has nuisance value for a particular persons plans.

Next stop was the London Eye. What a view from that and really well set out. Very slick operation and worth every penny. We Fast Tracked and jumped the queues and well worth it. With an added bonus of air conditioning which actually worked.

The weather has until yesterday been quite hot and most of the shops/transport either had no air conditioning or it had broken down. I don't think the English are prepared for hot weather.

From the London Eye, it was off to Harrods. Love that place. So OTT but not in a gauche way. Scored a few little items but I'm sure there will be more. I have my eye on a pair of shoes there in blue suede. Something familiar with those words!

Yesterday we went to Westminster Abbey. Truly awesome! The history of the place is just out of this world really and even for a person with not a religious bone in their body, it really is beautiful in every sense of the world. I lit a candle for Norma and sent my thoughts and wishes along for her. Here's hoping they might have been heard. One of the reasons we went to Westminster is because it is sheltered. It was raining quite heavily and quite cool in contrast to the previous few days. Anyhoo....there were a couple of brollies in the apartment, so we made use of them. Even remembered to bring them home too!

From there to the London Tower. This is about where the feet started to pack it in. I think it doesn't matter what shoes you have, if they were comfortable for most of the time, but by the end of the day your feet are killing you.

Never mind, went home for some liquid analgesic called Semillon which worked a treat!

For today, we are off to Buckingham Palace and St Pauls Cathedral. Never know, might be able to have a cuppa with Lizzie.

Piccies to be loaded up today.


Bryan and Ron

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Day One of touring in London

The joy of discovering MBT's

sunny 24 °C

Today was day one of picking up passes and validating vouchers.

Managed to purchase an Oyster card (like a travel smart card for public transport), picked up our London pass then needed to find good walking shoes for Sandy.

Tried various places and found our way to an MBT store (Massai Barefoot Technology). Well, we made that Salesman's day. Three of us walked out with new shoes, two of which were MBT and one which was similar in concept. Trust me, if you want to do a lot of walking, these are the go!

After that it was on an open top bus to tour around and wave at Lizzy as we passed Buckingham Palace. Saw many of the favourite places and today will start getting out and having more of a look see.

Not a lot of piccies as yet. Probably start those today but did take a few. Will load them on soon


Bryan and Ron

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On the way

Hong Kong

overcast 26 °C

Well we've made it to Hong Kong. All arrived safely and well except I was a little unwell on the plane for some unknown reason. By the time we got to Hong Kong all was heading in the right direction and recovering.

Shopping is not so cheap in HK anymore. Cologne is actually cheaper at Perth Airport would you believe.

HK airport is really lovely and extremely well set up. Had my first ever frisking at Security. Oh well, some experiences you can do without.

Off to London in about 3 hrs time.

Sandy was frisked and scanned because she had hot spots before leaving Perth airport (he he).

Will be in touch soon.

Bryan & Ron

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On the countdown

Preparations underway

overcast -21 °C

Well we've been treading the pavement bare just making sure we have everything all tickety boo.

Off back to site next week for 4 days then home on Friday. I think that is when I really start getting excited.

More to follow soon.

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